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Garzweiler mine site | RWE


Garzweiler mine

Lignite has been mined from the Garzweiler coalfields for over 100 years. The mine originated in the town of Grevenbroich and its centre is now in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss and Heinsberg districts. Just as was the case before the mining operation commenced, the area in between is filled with large areas of farmland, which were re-established as part of the recultivation programme. Green areas and wind farms divide up the new plains, which now boast a high level of biodiversity, particularly of species that prefer open landscapes.

In its three-shift operation system, the Garzweiler mine extracts up to 30 million tonnes of lignite every year. It is transported by conveyor belt and industrial railway to the power stations at Neurath and Niederaussem, where it is used to generate electricity. 

Facts and figures

Garzweiler mine site (as of end of 2022)

approx. 00 km²

Operating area

100 - 00 mio m³

Overburden capacity (per year)

up to 00 mio t

Coal output (per year)



Number of bucket wheel excavators

110 - 00 m³/day

Capacity of bucket wheel excavators


Number of spreaders

110 - 00 m³/day

Capacity of spreaders

00 km

Total length of conveyors

Recultivation (as of end of 2022)

00 km²

Land use

00 km²

Recultivated area

00 km²

of which agricultural

00 km²

of which forestry