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EEG direct marketing / Individual direct marketing (PPA)

Your advantages at a glance

Remuneration of your production quantities

The remuneration of your generation quantities from EEG plants takes place at the monthly published technology-specific market reference price EPEX Spot Price or at a fixed price (PPA).

Risk Assumption

RWEST assumes the risks associated with the individual marketing of your renewable assets. Through optimal meteorological feed-in forecasts, continuous trading activities and intraday market, we keep the balancing risk low and premiums fair for you.

Feed-in Forecasts

The in-house team of meteorologists and data specialists at RWE Supply & Trading produces its own wind and PV feed-in forecasts or uses and optimizes forecasts from market leaders of forecasts providers.

Curtailment energy

We determine the curtailment energy as a result of SOGL/ Redispatch 2.0 process  of the grid operators or market-related curtailment, i.e. due to negative prices. We support you with the settlement of claims against the grid operators.

VPP and IT Infrastructure

The implementation of your renewable asset takes place within the RWEST virtual power plant (VPP) as well as within all processes for 24/7 monitoring, optimisation and market access, billing and remote control. We will provide the necessary proof of remote control as a pre requisite for receiving the market premium by the grid operator.

24/7 Service

In our 24/7 dispatching centre, we monitor your assets and react to outages, redispatch measures of the grid operators and ensure optimal position management  in case of forecasting changes.

Balancing group management and market communication

RWEST takes over the balancing group management and registering of metering point  in accordance with the processes of market communication. 

Request for Proposal

We will be happy to make you an individual offer for direct marketing.

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