Electrolyser in the Northern Netherlands for the production of green hydrogen

The project

Eemshydrogen is a hydrogen project by RWE in the North of the Netherlands. The plan is to build an electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen on the Eemshavencentrale site. Green hydrogen is made using sustainable wind or solar energy. We are able to store or transport the green hydrogen produced to end users such as the chemical industry.

Why this project?

Green hydrogen is necessary for a successful energy transition. Eemshydrogen can, for example, supply clean hydrogen to the transport sector. Or to the chemical plants on the industrial site in Delfzijl, which need a lot of hydrogen. The green hydrogen will partly replace the grey hydrogen, thereby helping to reduce industrial carbon emissions.

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Facts & figures

00 MW


00 tons

CO₂ reduction


Dutch households annually

RWE’s tender event

RWE has launched an offtake tender for green hydrogen to be produced at its future electrolysis facility in the province of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. This tender is a unique and limited-time-only opportunity for participating companies to decarbonise their business and take on a pioneering role in the energy transition in North-West Europe. 
Expressing interest in participating in RWE’s tender event was possible before 1 July 2024.

The offtake tender, which is currently open for submissions, closes on 17 August 2024 at 12:00 PM CET, after which the company will evaluate the bids.

Following bid assessment, RWE will begin commercial discussions with a view to make a final investment decision for Eemshydrogen in Q4 of 2024.

Green hydrogen production at Eemshydrogen

This graphic shows the components of green hydrogen production in our Eemshydrogen plant.

By providing green hydrogen to customers, Eemshydrogen will enable the industrial companies in the region – and beyond – to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions.

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Powering the Future with Eemshydrogen

Secure, Sustainable, and Competitive Green Hydrogen
  • Secure green hydrogen at market-leading prices

  • Benefit from early market entry and position your business ahead of the competition

  • Situated in the first European Hydrogen Valley, a hub of innovation and opportunity

  • Stay ahead of Dutch and European climate regulations with our sustainable energy solutions

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What benefits will it bring?

Unlike solar or wind energy, hydrogen isn’t dependent on the weather. We can store hydrogen and use it when we need it, e.g. even on still and cloudy days. The electrolyser we are going to build for the production of green hydrogen will have a capacity of 50 megawatts. The green hydrogen the electrolyser will soon be producing will be able to save more than 250,000 tonnes of CO2 across the duration of the project. That is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of thirteen thousand households.

Our contribution

We are proud leaders in the development of green hydrogen and have the knowledge and possibilities available in house to produce it. A good example is the electrolyser site in Lingen (Germany).

With the Eemshydrogen project, we are contributing to the scaling-up of the production of green hydrogen.

Project schedule

Our aim is to start producing green hydrogen in 2027.


Questions on this topic

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