Dismantling plant Biblis

The location

The Biblis power plant is located 13 km northeast of the town of Worms on the State of Hesse's side of the Rhine. The station consists of two power plant units, known as pressurised-water reactors, with an electric output of 2,394 megawatts. When the 13th amendment to Germany's Atomic Energy Act came into force on 6 August 2011, the plant lost its authorisation for power operation.

A nuclear power station is being dismantled

On 30 March 2017, RWE Power received approval pursuant to section 7 paragraph 3 of the Atomic Energy Act to decommission and dismantle units A and B of Biblis nuclear power plant. On 1 June 2017, the approval was availed of and the plant is now in a state of slow phase-out. The power plant is in the process of being shut down and then dismantled and it is planned to secure its release from the requirements of the Atomic Energy Act within the next 15 years. During the first stage, the focus is on erecting a processing and treatment facility inside the existing buildings. Systems, components and the existing technical installations inside the buildings are dismantled and new technology for cleaning or cutting up the dismantled material is fitted inside the plant. The facility and the newly installed technology are designed to operate efficiently and safely throughout the entire dismantling period and to reduce radioactive waste to an absolute minimum. All dismantling activities are accompanied and monitored by independent experts in collaboration with the authority in charge.


Facts and figures

Power plant location

Biblis, Hesse

Power plant type

Pressurised-water reactor

Commissioned in

Unit A: 1974
Unit B: 1976

End of power operation

Unit A / B: 2011

Electricity generated (total)

Unit A: 247 TWh
Unit B: 264 TWh

RWE Nuclear GmbH

Dismantling plant Biblis

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