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The new RWE is active worldwide and one of the leading electricity producers from Renewable Energies. In our video series, we take you on a journey to some of our sites.


Offshore wind farm Triton Knoll

Great news from the UK: Our offshore wind farm Triton Knoll off the British coast has generated electricity for the first time! When all 90 Vestas turbines are running in 2022, they will supply the electricity for the equivalent of 800,000 homes.

Offshore wind farm Arkona

Here we present the Arkona offshore wind farm in Germany. It has the capacity to supply up to 400,000 households with renewable energy and is considered the largest wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

Photovoltaic project "Zonnepark Kerkrade"

A milestone for our renewables portfolio! We start commercial operation of our 1st ground mounted PV project in the Netherlands: The "Zonnepark Kerkrade" will generate energy equal to the average annual electricity consumption of around 4,000 Dutch households.

Onshore wind farm Nawrocko

Poland is one of our core markets in Europe. The onshore wind farm Nawrocko is the latest wind farm to be added to our portfolio in Poland. The site near Szczecin went into operation in the spring of 2020.

Onshore wind farm Nysäter

The first turbines are already generating green power at the Nysäter onshore wind farm in Sweden, a joint project with Energy Infrastructure Partners AG. Following its completion at the end of 2021, the site will supply the equivalent of up to 300,000 Swedish households.

TetraSpar – Floating Offshore in Norway

We are paving the way towards competitive Floating Offshore Wind. In Norway, we are testing the TetraSpar concept with our partners Shell, TEPCO Renewable Power and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies.


Solar parks Vauxhall and Hull

The region of Southern Alberta in Canada, close to the city of Vauxhall, stands out for its many hours of sun. The ideal location to produce green power at our Vauxhall and Hull solar parks.

Solar project West of Pecos

The 100 MW facility West of the Pecos is RWE’s first solar project in Texas and the largest in the US. It’s been up and running for over a year now, on an area the size of 550 football pitches.

Combined energy storage and photovoltaics project Iron Horse

Iron Horse is the name of our combined energy storage and photovoltaics project in Arizona. Thanks to innovative storage technologies, we can guarantee secure electricity supply, even on the rare occasions when the sun doesn’t shine.

Onshore wind farm Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs is our first site in Oklahoma in the US. The 60 turbines of the onshore wind farm have been in operation since the end of 2020, producing green electricity for the equivalent of over 44,000 households. 

Onshore wind farm Scioto Ridge

The USA is one of our core markets for the expansion of renewables. Earlier this June, we commissioned the power plant Scioto Ridge in the state of Ohio - our 28th onshore wind farm in the country. 

Onshore wind farm Roscoe

The state of Texas is the largest producer of windpower in the US. We’re there too, focussing on generating renewables: We’ve had sites such as our onshore wind farm Roscoe in Texas since 2008. 


Solar farm Limondale

The Limondale solar farm was commissioned in 2021 in Balranald, Australia, and is one of the largest in the country. Our video shows how large it has become.

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