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Safety in the workplace

‘MISSION ZERO’ is the name of the RWE Generation programme that will help us to take the next step to improving our safety performance. We need this programme for the following reasons.

We care about the people who work for us

At RWE, the safety of our employees and contractors is our top priority. We want the people who work for us, either from external companies or our own staff, to go home healthy to their nearest and dearest at the end of the working day. Anything less is unacceptable. We must either work safely or not at all. There is no other option.

We firmly believe that every incident, whether large or small, is entirely preventable. That is our mission: zero incidents. This is Mission Zero.

HSE – Health | Safety | Environment – RWE Generation - Mission Zero | RWE
Another way in which Mission Zero is implemented are the four Behaviours.

Managing safety in an effective and conscious manner means having respect for one another

At RWE, we treat one another with respect, and respecting one another’s health forms part of this. We can’t allow anything to happen to anyone at any of the RWE sites that might adversely affect their health. It’s simple.

In our vision of RWE, everyone goes home at the end of the working day just as safe and well as they went to work at the beginning of the working day. That applies to us as employees of RWE, as well as to the people who work with us. We all will have experience of incidents  where this was not the case, and know how awful that feels. You may have had to accompany a colleague to hospital for treatment, or provide first aid at an incident, or something might have happened to someone working under your responsibility and you had to inform their family about it. That is something that we all want to avoid.

We know that effective safety management goes hand in hand with excellent business performance

The same steps form the basis of good safety and good business management:

Thorough preparation of work, identifying risks in advance, taking control measures, being up to date with the rules and observing them in a disciplined way and holding each other accountable in relation to fulfilling agreements.

  • We must apply these principles at all times and wherever we might be, without exception.
  • We have the intrinsic motivation to work together to deliver top performance. This includes continuously improving safety, the reliability and availability of our systems and our financial performance.
  • Our ambitions are to deliver top performance by continuous improvement in safety, increased reliability and availability of our systems, and improved financial outcomes.

This is the core of our strategy and we are working on this in a structured manner. Day in, day out.

A company that has its safety in order performs better. Good HSE is good business.

We are ensuring that RWE is setting an example in the industry – a position that we can be proud of. We firmly believe that a company that performs at top level in terms of safety is also performing at top level with its business results.

Attention to safety means paying attention to work. Day in day out we strive to work to the best of our ability completing tasks within schedule, within budget and in accordance with the quality standards we have agreed. By following safety protocols, we are forcing ourselves to plan more effectively, possess greater control over quality and therefore over the budget too.

HSE – Health | Safety | Environment – RWE Generation - Safety | RWE

Our ambition is to be the best energy generation company

How will we achieve that? By being disciplined, no deviations. By making safety simple, making our rules and procedures simpler and clearer. So that everyone will be familiar with them.

We have summarised the most important safety rules into 12 life-saving rules. We must all abide by these at all times wherever we might be. It’s as simple as that.

Our principles at RWE

Good safety behaviour will have positive consequences, as non-compliance with rules and agreements will have corrective consequences.

This ensures greater clarity of expectations leading to a higher level of safety.

HSE – Health | Safety | Environment – RWE Generation - Mission Zero icon | RWE

The aim

  • ZERO - injuries for our employees, contractors and visitors

  • ZERO - excuses for unsafe behaviour

  • ZERO - impact for our families & communities

  • ZERO - compromises on life-saving rules

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